Men everywhere are going to be drooling over the photos of Brooklyn Decker in Felina Lingerie and they are so going to be wishing they were Andy Roddick as well. To say these pictures are amazing is an understatement but don"t just take my word for it keep reading to find out for yourself.

Brooklyn Decker

The super sexy Brooklyn Decker flaunts her stuff in Felina Lingerie for a photo shoot that shows off all her assets. Decker poses in a number of pretty bras and underwear that leave very little to the imagination but not in a trashy way.

I am sure I have your attention now so go ahead and see what I am talking about here where you can check out many pictures of Andy Roddick"s wife in well not much at all. The girl even sports a thong well, how fair is that, a thong really?

As you can tell from the drop dead gorgeous pics Brooklyn"s modeling career is still in full gear and now it appears her acting career is in full swing as well. In 2011 she will be the object of Adam Sandler"s affection in the film Just Do It, which also stars Jennifer Aniston. You can see the trailer for it in the below video. I for one can"t wait to see that movie to see just how well Decker holds her own against Sandler and Aniston.

The Felina Lingerie photos featuring Brooklyn Decker, who seriously rocks the bras and panties, are going to make men want her even more and women want to be her even more. What else is there to stay about the blonde beauty with the killer bod? I sure can"t think of anything however I bet you can so feel free to share your thoughts on the lovely Mrs. Roddick and her newest modeling gig.

Photos: Chan/HRC

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